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    Quick-Chat!: Blaze Now Blazing Trails In Support Of “INFINITE ENTANGLEMENT PT. III”

    QUICK-CHAT! Blaze Now Blazing Trails In Support Of “INFINITE ENTANGLEMENT PT. III” Blaze Bayley (born Bayley Alexander Cooke; 29 May 1963) is an English singer, musician, songwriter, and lyricist. He was the lead singer of Wolfsbane from 1984 to 1994, and currently from 2010 following reunions in 2007 and 2009. Bayley was also the lead […]

    By Angel Alamo

    September 3, 2018


    I just want to walk right out of this world, coz everybody has a poison heart (Dee Dee Ramone, Daniel Rey)   Time to go listen to “Wart Hog” again… (musician-actor-fan Robbie Rist)   His speech was inarticulate; His songs were not (Carl Cafarelli, “This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll Radio”)   Dee Dee was the […]

    By Gary Pig Gold

    September 1, 2018

    Metal To The Core! | ILLEGAL DOWNLOADS!  (Why buy it, when it’s FREE online)

    Lead singer of Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson recently said in an interview ‘Illegal downloading destroyed the concept of music having any value.’ I couldn’t agree with him more. Nobody wants to buy music anymore, especially when they can get it for free. Me myself, I have never illegally downloaded anything. If a new artist or […]

    By Chris Forbes

    August 20, 2018

    Quick-Tiques! – The BRUTALISTS | S/T | Cleopatra Records

    Quick-Tiques! The BRUTALISTS | S/T | Cleopatra Records What a magnificent piece of ear candy! These guys belong on the airwaves. From the first track to the last track, this record has something for everyone. From rock to pop, street punk, dirty blues, including English pub rock with bits of ska, reggae, also in the […]

    By David LaDuke

    August 16, 2018

    Quick Tiques! | Killing Grace “Speak with a fist” (MVD Audio)

    Killing Grace “Speak with a fist” (MVD audio) This disc commences with somewhat of an edgy mellow instrumental but believe me this is just the intro and shift gears from here big time. 1st track “Say My Name” has the grit, bite, growl, and power Killing Grace fans expect and this just the beginning! What […]

    By David LaDuke

    August 3, 2018


    As hard as it may seem today to fathom, there was a time, in the not too distant analog past, when starting up a record company required more – much more – than just a domain name and the nearest GarageBand™ software. Yes, there was a time when starting up a record company required actual […]

    By Gary Pig Gold

    Quick-Tiques! | Greg Kihn Band “ReKIHNdled” (Riot Media)

    Quick-Tiques! Greg Kihn Band “Rekindled” (Riot Media & Mgmt) Released in 2017 This CD begin’s rocking right out of the gate and continues pretty much to the finish. It mix’s Pop, Rock, Hard Rock very tastefully. Even boogies a bit too! The last time we heard from Greg, he was in Jeopardy (Referring to the […]

    By David LaDuke

    July 28, 2018

    Quick Tiques! Podd/Cosmic Forces (Self-Released)

    PODD/Cosmic Forces (Self Released) This was some very mellow almost progressive rock at times with no vocals. I have been a fan of smooth jazz for years. This stuff isn’t catchy at all. It seems to me to be blindly played with not a lot of thought into the writing of a catchy riff or […]

    By Chris Forbes

    July 16, 2018

    Pigshit: 20 Big Ones

    With the endless summer again upon us, and the release of a fine new Philharmonic album to boot, I hearby take it upon myself to compile a Consumers Guide of sorts to the sort of sounds every discriminating listener, both old and new, should first consider when diving into the vast, sonically daunting Brian Wilson […]

    By Gary Pig Gold

    July 4, 2018

    Quick Tiques! Carptree/Emerger (Self-Released)

    CARPTREE/Emerger (Self Released) This is progressive rock that for the most part was pretty good. At times some of the vocal patterns and lines I didn’t like, but for the most of it, they were cool to my ears. The music is very spacey and different and for that I applaud them. Think of the […]

    By Chris Forbes

    June 25, 2018

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